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Leaping lizards! It's a whole book of animal sayings! I've been squirreling away all kinds of idioms and sayings for years, so my friend Loreen Leedy and I decided to make a book of animal sayings from my collection. Loreen's witty illustrations of all kinds of critters will have you laughing like a hyena!

Our book has a Table of Contents and an Index, and is divided into six different sections for different kinds of animals: Around the House, On the Farm, In the Wild, On the Wing, Down by the Ground, and Under the Waves.

Many of the sayings in the book are idioms. Some are similes, some are metaphors, and some are proverbs. Most of the sayings are common in everyday conversation, with a sprinkling of unusual ones. You're sure to find a few you didn't already know!

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