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There are several ways to order

"There's a Frog in My Throat!
440 Animal Sayings a Little Bird Told Me."

ALERT!! May 4 - May 10 is Teacher Appreciation Week. This book makes a great teacher gift!


#1: The book can be ordered from online bookstores:

Go directly to Amazon.com

Go directly to BarnesandNoble.com

Go directly to HedgehogBooks.com

#2: You can place an order at your local bookstore.
Ask for "There's a Frog in My Throat!" by Loreen Leedy and Pat Street,
published by Holiday House in 2003.
The book's ISBN identification number is 0-8234-1774-3.

#3: Order a copy that has been signed by both authors by calling toll-free 1-888-420-0900.

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